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Shakira - Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna

sonnysmackstheflab: You're the first person to deliver me this Macklemore news. Wow, so that happened. What's fucked up is now there will be a load of people saying 'oh so he shouldn't have own because he's white???'. This is first thing in the morning and I can't even handle this craziness.


I’m not sure what you’re saying? Macklemore shouldnt have won not because he doesnt indeed, rap. He shouldnt have won because he is a pop artist. Just like if Flo Rida was in this category, he shouldn’t have won. Thrift shop is pop. Same love got popular on a fluke (and is pop). He won doing the same shit Black ppl have said or done. There have been several black artists in support of gay rights and have said it publicly and in songs. Before Macklemore wore that shirt about Trayvon Martin, Jamie Foxx did and he was called a racist. Jamie Foxx, a black man, a racist. Macklemore is just not that impressive. The white community is putting him on a pedestal and giving him accolades for work that been hustled much harder and longer for by black artists! We created the genre! Just like jazz, blues and rock n roll until White people infiltrated and took over until they called it theirs. So yes, Macklemore deserves all the hate in my book.

How does a straight white guy, weirdly talking about gay rights (gay luv is cool but dont forget Im a straight guy is the message) become the voice of a generation, over Kendrick’s well composed, musically and lyrically, album? That’s called white privilege. They refuse to see us because apparently, “yall dont see color.” You see how destructive that is?